Apne dost ki mastani maa ko pata kar choda

I remember the day as if it was yesterday. I was 17 years old and was studying in junior college. I and Ranjit were very good friends, I was quite good in studies so my friend’s mother Anjali invited me to study at their home with Ranjit. In his family they were four of them including his brother Vikram & their father Ajay. Mr. Ajay was in the navy & would be out for 6-8 months at a stretch. I hardly got to see him. In 2 months time I had become a part of their family, I would visit them almost daily after college as well as on holidays. Vikram was 19, Anjali was 36 & Ajay was 40. Anjali had maintained herself very well; although she was not very good looking she had maintained her elf very well. She had a figure like 36-28-36. When our exams approached I was requested to stay back in the nights as well so that I could help Ranjit in Math & Science. After our regular college hours I would go home have dinner and reach their place by 9.00pm, sometimes I would have dinner with the Sharma's. Ranjit preferred to get up early in the morning and I always preferred to study late. I would help Ranjit till 11.00pm and then continue with my studies till about 2.00am. Ranjit would go to bed by 11.00pm and get up by 6.00am in the morning; I would get up by 8.00am.

One evening around 9.30pm Vikram was running fever, Anjali had taken his temperature & I was trying to read it, I could not make out what the temperature was so Anjali came close behind me & tried to explain to me how the reading was to be taken, she came very close and stuck her breast to my shoulder. It was as if some electric current had passed through my body. I tried not to show any reaction to this incidence. The same night it was raining very heavily due to which the climate was quite chilly, Anjali is a schoolteacher by profession and she had some test papers to correct, they have a house with 2 bed rooms, one fairly big living room & one kitchen. One bedroom for the parents and other one were shared between Ranjit & Vikram. Since Ajay was usually out of town, Vikram would sleep in their parent's bedroom. I would be in the same room as Ranjit; Anjali would sleep any where either next to Ranjit or Vikram, nothing was fixed. It must be about 12.30am and I wanted a break so I went to the living room where Anjali was watching a movie as well as correcting the papers. I asked her if she could make me some coffee for which she agreed.

She returned back with 2 cups, I was sitting on a sofa and she sat near the foot of the sofa where my feet were, she sat very close, and this was not unusual she did in the presence of her sons as well. We were chatting about our progress in studies, about the papers she was correcting. It was quite chilly & my feet felt very warn to her so held my feet while we were chatting, I did not pay any attention to this, as I was engrossed watching the movie as listening to what she was saying. This must have continued for some time and then she placed my feet in her lap saying that they felt good, she kept them there for some time, she was wearing a salwar kameez dress and the material of the salwar felt good to me as well. We stayed like this for around 10 –15 minutes. The movie got over and she went and slept in the bedroom in which Ranjit was sleeping. I proceeded to study for some time and then I went and slept next to Vikram. After some time Anjali came to check how Vikram was feeling, he was sound asleep & she checked his temperature, he had little fever so she said that she would sleep in between Vikram & me. I was quite excited as she would generally sleep on the other side of her sons but today she wanted to sleep in between the two of us.

Vikram had taken some medicines and was fast asleep, she asked me if I was feeling sleepy, I said not too much so she started taking to me about Vikram, how he needs her near him when he is not well and things like that. The bed was not very big and she was quite close to me our bodies were touching a little, out feet were touching, her feet were quite cold and mine were warm so she asked me if I could keep my feet on hers, which I did I was quite excited as well as I had never felt a women this way, she was no longer my friend’s mother but a women next to me. I was getting a hard on. She told me that my feet were feeling quite comfortable to her and asked me if I liked the feel, I replied on the affirmative. She said I was very nice & cute and she liked me very much. I asked her why she liked me and she said she liked me the day she saw me. She turned to me side now and kept her leg over mine I was sleeping straight & I could feel her legs on mine, her thighs touching mine. I wanted to touch her like a man would touch a woman but I could not take any initiative. She was now caressing her entire leg on mine. I had put on pajamas and my cock was hurting inside my underwear. It was actually paining because it wanted to become free.

She said that I have a very pretty face and she felt like kissing my face and she kissed me on my cheeks, my chin on my fore head. She did this many times, I wanted to kiss her back, I wanted to feel her breasts which were less than 6 inches away from me but I was stunned. I was also completely excited so drawing courage I asked her if I could kiss her, she said I could so I kissed her on her cheeks & also kissed her on her lips, she asked me why I kissed her lips as they were to be kissed only by her husband. I said I liked her lips very much so I kissed her on her lips and said I was very sorry if I had hurt her, she said it was all right now and told me that even I had very soft lips and they felt very good. Now we were very close and there was no gap between us, her breasts were touching my shoulder and I was enjoying the soft feel. I asked her if I could kiss her again on her lips. She said ok I kissed her on the lips but she did not respond to my kiss. I got bold and I asked her if I could feel her breast, she said I could, so I put my hands on her breast and started kneading them through her dress, I thought I would get to fuck her but she was not responding the way I was expecting, she had somehow got back the control over herself.

I told her that I was very excited for which she said she could understand but she could not do anything I was like her son. I told her that I had a hard on for which was hurting me very badly but she said she really could not do anything. I tried to persuade her and after some time she asked me to follow her back to the living room, she sat on the sofa and asked me sit next to her. She said that she was sorry that she started all this but there was no way we could go further on this as this would be wrong. I was not willing to listen to anything as I was hard like rock and my 7 inch cock needed a release, I told her that my cock was paining and she said replied by saying that the only way to take care of it was intercourse and she could not do that with me. I tried convincing her but she did not budge finally she went back to the bedroom and I followed her. I started feeling her breast through her dress again but she said I could do what do what I liked but she would not give herself to me.

I caressed her nipples through her dress, which had become quite hard by now but she was not responding. Even when I kissed her lips she did not part them. I then put my hand on her thighs and started caressing them, she kept on saying that I could do what I liked but she will not respond to me, I felt her cunt hair through the material of the dress, she was lying on my side so it was becoming difficult to have access to her cunt, the dress material was making it more difficult, I kept on trying by moving my fingers further and further, finally I felt the wet spot, it was her vagina, I was now feeling her cunt through her dress, she did not have any panties, now her resistance was becoming less, she turned a little to her side and this game my finger more access to her cunt, she was not saying anything now but her breathing was becoming faster & faster. Her hips were moving now in rhythm with my finger, she gave all fake resistance now opening the strings of her dress & lowered her salwar, she asked me to come on top of her, I could not believe my ears, she pleaded asking me to enter her wet cunt, I removed my pajamas & underwear and came over her, Vikram was soundly sleeping the medicines had their effects. I came on top of her and she guided my virgin cock inside her wet cunt, I entered her slowly and I put my entire 7 inched cock all the way inside, she gave out a cry, she held me very close to her and wrapped her legs around me. I was in heaven & so was she; she felt my cock for about a minute and asked me to fuck her.

She kept on saying fuck me Shailu, fuck me, fuck me as fast as you can, fuck me hard, and fuck me more… I was too excited so within 20 fast strokes I came inside her, she wanted more but she could understand my condition. I fell on top of her for some time and then lay next to her. A thought came to my mind that I was no longer a virgin. She put on her salwar & I put on my underwear & pajama. She placed her hand inside my under clothes and was stroking my cock within 10 minutes my cock came to life, she was very happy to see my cock hard once again, she asked me to follow her to the living room. She asked me to wait and went to the washroom, when she returned she lay on the sofa and asked me to come on top of her, I wanted to remove her salwar but she placed my hand above her cunt, she had torn her salwar over the cunt area & she asked me to remove my cock outside my pants without removing them completely, I did as directed, she was totally wet & this time I rammed my cock inside her cunt in one stroke, she gasped & cried with pleasure, I started giving her fast strokes, she asked me to go all the way in and then all the way out, once I got into a rhythm I started doing it faster and faster. This time I lasted longer and within 5 minutes she started moving her hips in rhythm to mine, she started doing the same faster & faster, she was crying yes. Yes. I am coming fuck me faster.

Faster yes she kept a hand over her mouth to keep from shouting she was panting very hard and with one strong cry of ahhhhhhh she came, she came hard she came for almost 30 seconds she was shaking with pleasure. We departed immediately, I went to Ranjit's room & she went to Vikarms room. I tried to sleep but I could not as I was still very hard, I went back to her room, she was lying on her back sleeping peacefully. Without waking her up I removed my pajamas & underwear & with my hard cock placed my cock at the wet entrance. I got access to it immediately & in one stroke rammed my complete cock; she was totally taken by shock and gave out a small cry. Had Vikram not been on medicines he would have definitely woke but luckily for us he did not move. So I started ramming my cock faster and faster, Anjali was enjoying every bit of this fast fucking & within 5 minutes. I came inside her. One we started fucking there was no stopping, we would be sitting on the same dining table having dinner with Ranjit & Vikram & I would put my toe on her cunt, I would caress her cunt while having food and no one would know about it.

I fucked her almost every night, very often it would happen with either of her son sleeping next to her but lucky for us we never got caught. We never got to have long hours of sex, it always used to be quickies anywhere any time. One day I reached their place at 8.00pm in the evening, Anjali was wearing a blue sari which was sticking to her body, looking at her I got a hard on, Vikram had gone out with his friends, Anjali asked me to look at some of the exam papers of her school students while she said she would prepare dinner for us, she asked me what I would like to have I asked her to make chicken curry, she asked Ranjit to get some fresh chicken, the place was about 200 meters away from her place and Ranjit would not take more then 7-8 minutes to return. As soon as he was gone I pulled Anjali to me self & kissed her full on the lips, she started kissing me back, I put my hand on her breast and started caressing them though her blouse.

Took her the bedroom & lifted her sari, she was already wet I was already hard as a rock, I rammed my cock inside her and started fucking her, she was so excited about this that she came within 3 to 4 minutes, soon after I loaded my cum inside her. She left for the washroom & I got back to checking those papers & immediately Ranjit returned unaware of what happened in the short time. We have gone together in crowded trains the three of us or all four of us, the trains are so crowded that I would put my hand on her cunt though her dress and no one would realize this, this way she would become very wet & with every small opportunity I would get my cock in her cunt. I kept on fucking Anjali for almost a year, each time would be more fun & excitement then the other, I will come back with the second part with more exciting instances of fucking Anjali with her Ranjit & Vikram not very far away from us.
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