Apni behan ki ras bhari kamsin jawani ka kaccha ras pikar use kacchi kali se taja phool banaya

The thing which I had never thought of that it could happen with me, I really never had that Idea. It all happened which were never planned. I belong to a family who struggle lot for its livelihood. I had all responsibility of my family, I nitin, 24 years of age, a slim body fit, not much fair, height 6 ft. living with
mother (vimla) twin sister (shilpa) & me (nitin). Dad left us when I and my sister was 8. I had assumed my responsibility when I turned 13, study and work were going hand on hand. This gave me more idea to explore things into its practicality, I had little time to study & most time spends in earning and managing household, even i could have studied only at school time only and that was sufficient enough to maintain my grade. Mom also got a job to teach in primary school with very low salary. shilpa my sister was resembles to my mother. Responsible, caring and more she looks like anushka sharma and was in height of 5.4 ft, fair in color. She is very beautiful.

After completing my school, I thought of moving to big city as my friend told me I can earn much there and could send more money in home. Also, I can complete my graduation at the same time. With that thought I moved to Delhi. With the help of my friend’s mousa ji, I got the accounting job in one factory. I could study at night only. I took a small room on rent. I was sending money at home each month. I had been visiting home on holidays. 3 years has passed I post graduated. I had the marriage of my sister in my mind for which I was saving money. She has reached 24 and this tension was eating me & my mom inside. In 3 years I had not saved much that I could make her marriage and that too with a good man, who earn much to keep my sister happy. My effort was continue, when my mom rang me up and said ”beta, why dont you take shilpa with you in Delhi, she should be familiar with the culture of a big city”. I said ”yes mom u r right” she should know all this so that she could get easily adjusted there and if any good man comes into knowledge I can proceed with him. Shilpa came to me, since i loved her more than anything in this world.

We were used to sleep in floor spreading bed. My life became easy as shilpa came my eating problem solved. I love my sister more than anything so I always try to keep her happy and I always bring something for her while coming home at night, sometimes ice cream, dairy milk etc. And in the weekend I take her to movie or for outing. In the meanwhile I met 4-5 person for her marriage but when they meet with shilpa they rejected or their demand was too high for me to fulfill. I became more panic with that but still managed myself. That was apparent on my face and action for which shilpa told me ”bro, i m not going anywhere, y r u searching fool for me, can he keep me happy more than u, i know u love me more than anything and i love u the same as u. Then y r u trying to send me far from u”.

I then replied ”I understand u my sweet heart, but you have to go with your husband one day, this is the rule of society. Every lady has to go leaving her family. And I am not depressed I will find a nice guy for u”. Saying this I hugged her tight in my arms, she wrapped her arm and started crying. I consoled her ”baby dont cry beta, I m here for u and always be there for u. Y do u cry, u r a good girl and may be some handsome & nice guy is waiting to enter in your life that’s why these idiots have rejected you”. Shilpa said ”I m not crying for them but for you, for so much of your love”. I would have cried at that moment seeing so much loving sister, but I moved my hand on her back and consoling her.

Then said ” I am hungry lets have dinner”. We had dinner & left to bed. I kissed on her head & went to sleep. She used to wear salwar kamiz,her living style was still that of villagers. I thought of getting her modern dresses to look more attractive, as she was very beautiful only thing was there to improve her living style and should get modern, so that somebody choose her for marriage easily. When I slept off with that thinking I don’t know. But when my eyes opened the very next day, It was Sunday a holiday, my eyes just seen something. My sister was cleaning the floor bending forward. Her ample amount of fair boobs was hanging in front of my eyes. My eyes got fixed on her boobs for few seconds.

Then immediately i realised what am i doing, this is so bad. I got off the bed she looked at me, smiled and said ”good morning bro”. I replied with smile good morning sis. then said ”get ready we are going market to buy dresses for you”. She pointed out ”why to waste money, i have much dresses, i dont need anymore”. I said ”baby u’ll not understand, u need modern dress looks and style”. She replied ”but these are not meant for me, I am a big burden on you and I dont want to increase it anymore”. I fainted in anger ”what r u saying ? U r big burden to me? U know how important u & mom are for me in life, do I have anything other than your love, care, happiness?”. She said in a low voice ”sorry bro, i never mean to say that, I am getting ready the breakfast then leave for shopping”. We had breakfast and left to shopping. We searched for all new modern type of garments. I myself have selected some for her to try on. While trying she showed me, oh my god she was looking so gorgeous, same what I have dreamed of. Tight pink T-sirt with low cut neck, showing her cleavage. This was first time I actually measured her boob size by my eyes only. I let my mind off & selected some more pieces, then I moved to undergarments shop. She was a little bit shy.

She stopped me ”bro where r u moving to?” I said ”dont u hv to buy undergarments also”. She said ok and we moved inside shop. I asked the shopkeeper to show some stylish bra panty from the new arrivals. The lady asked me the size I looked at my sister she replied 34 with shy in her face. The lady shopkeeper smiled slightly and showed from which shilpa herself selected. Shilpa went to try on she called me to see if the same is of good fitting. I went inside the trial room. Oh my god, she was in her bra only at her top, seeing this marvel beauty I was astonished. My jaw fell open. Half of the boob were covered and half were exposed. The golden colour bra was nicely fitted on her white boobs. I said this is perfect one. We then got out of the shop. Then we decided to have lunch in the restaurant and then probably go for a movie. Before movie we had time so I called her to go to beauty parlour. We moved in near beauty parlour and instructed ladies to make her looks, appearance stylish.

When she came out after 2 hour, oh my god, stunning beautiful lady was standing in front of me. Just cud not get my eyes off. The other lady told me ”sir, mam is very beautiful, u r d lucky man, u have got such a gf, she is out of the world. She did not hv knowledge tht we were bro n sis. We just smiled at her statement. I paid the bill then We headed to PVR, it was some English movie, we occupied the seat. Movie had some bold scenes, which is forbidden to watch with sister.

As the bold scenes started she caught my hand tightly in excitement. I put my other hand. She was watching first time any intimate scene. I realised she must have got wet down there, I suggested If she needs to go for washroom. She wanted my company. I was standing out of ladies washroom. When she came she said she is not interested to watch this again and we headed our way to home it was time around 12 at night. Both were aware of each other’s situation, so we did not talked much and left for bed. I was not able to sleep, as the whole scene was dancing in front my eyes. I was liking her company. I was not able to understand what was happening to me inside. Why those boobs of my sister is not leaving my mind off. One hand it was feeling pleasurable inside and on the other I was cursing myself for liking it. I cursed myself with hiting my head on the floor.

I opened my eyes in the morning with again same sight I got to see. Sister cleaning the floor and huge amount of her boobs came out hanging from her kurti. I had morning hood and this scene of my sister caused my erection to go more hard. I left for bathroom to get ready for office. But the erection was not going to get down even after peed with difficulty, I thought of releaving it and started masturbating. While in this process each time my sister boobs was moving in my mind. I got such an hard erection my tool got very much stiff and tensed. I was shaking my tool very fast, after 5 mins it came so huge my eyes closed. When I came to normal.

Again I started cursing myself. I could not understand why is it happening with me. Why i m attracted to her more as a women than a sister. I went to office, but I could not concentrate in work all the time my mind rolls back to my sister. why my mind is liking it as a love from a women. I shake my head to let these thoughts out of my mind, but after few minutes it comes again. One of my colleague noticed it and asked me at lunch time, ”dear nitin, suddenly change is appearing in your gesture, is it all right?”. I said ”nothing just a little headache”. He then said ”how r u getting much time to prepare foods of variety, earlier u never brought lunch in office, have u secretly married? And you have started dressing nicely like you have got any girlfriend”. I said nothing of that sort and ignored what he is trying to get into but his each word has little striked my mind. My own marriage, girlfriend, I was so busy in serving my family that I never got a chance to think about myself my own life. I wish there should be a girlfriend to hangout with her and enjoy life, but then I come to my consciousness, I have rather bigger responsibility to fulfill, first to give my sister a good life partner and my mother a rest.

As I reached home my sister opened the door, she has wore the new dress we bought yesterday. She was looking hot. She asked me ”how am I looking my brother?” I replied beautiful & sexy. She noticed ”hmmm, bro, u r getting naughty”. I suddenly thought oh what shit i have yelled out. I said ”sorry word just came out, but u really r looking awesome, anybody would like to make u his girlfriend at one sight” the other mistake just made. She smiled as if she was understanding everything. Perhaps I was lost seeing her beauty and started blurting out shit. She came and hugged me, I can understand bro.

Suddenly her boobs crushed against my chest which gave little jolt down there. I responded moving hand on her back and a kiss on her chick and she responded with kiss on my chick, then suddenly a small peck on my lips. I froze right there, could not decide what to do, I kept starring in my sister’s eyes. She was looking at me. I asked what is this for. She replied ”this is thanks to you for caring me so much and loving me so much”. She again kissed and hugged me. Then moved to kitchen to get the dinner. We sat together having dinner, she looked more loving and more caring and more open with me.

After dinner we left to bed. This different kind of feeling with my own sister was far beyond for me to understand at that time. I was ignoring the fact that I am a human and I also need a female company, sex, as per the body requirement. I have been ignoring this because I assumed my responsibilities, but these all also are equally important for human. I never had this type of unknown feeling at home as she was very younger then we used to live separately and also mother was always there. The days passed on she became more open with me to talk about gf, bf,hugging, kissing, more she became more attractive and stunning beautiful. One night while sleeping we were just chatting She was sleeping on my left side on her back. She asked why did not I have made any gf to enjoy with her or marry to take care of me. I simply say yes as soon i m relieved from your responsibility then probably think of me to hv gf & to marry. But at this age now how would I get a nice girl to marry who cud tk care of me and mother as u r taking care of.

She became sad and moved a bit towards me kept her head on my chest and hand on my stomach making a circle on my navel point asked ”do u really think u will find such a girl who can love only u and care mother as well”. I combing her silk hair with mt fingers said ”dont know”. Same thing I am saying bro, why r u living in uncertainty leaving which is certain. I love u & mother a lot and I cant go with anybody leaving u. I really love u most in the world as a brother as a friend as a father as you have brought up me like a father, you always protected as a elder brother, fulfilled all my wants. If anyone I have loved in this world truly is only u”. Saying this she put her lips on my lips making a long kiss. I could not understand. Felt strange inside. I lied still as this was a great shock to me what shilpa has just blurted out. I said ”no this is not possible do u know what r u saying? We r bro & sis. I love u too but as a brother”. She interrupted ”but I love u as sister as a lover. If I had thought of any boyfriend or a dream boy, that is u and only u. I dont know it is good or bad, but I can’t live without u”. Saying this she rested her chin on my chest waiting for my reply. I was surprised at her, I was not able to understand what to say.

I Was only looking in her eyes. I was feeling weak attracted to her, felt like immediately to kiss her, I held her face and kissed her lips for 5 seconds, then pushed her away and got off the bed and went near window looking outside. I could not understand how I did that. May be because my brotherly love has started developing a shape of boyfriend’s love. She came to me at the window and wrapped her arms around me and said ”sorry bhaiya, I know its wrong, but this is true, I will not force u but I will die if I have to go away from u”. I was already much attracted to her appearance, to her smile, to her beauty, to her figure. I realised my love for her have crossed the limits. I also wanted her as a lover inside but I was fighting with me. Her boobs pressed on my back and her wrapped arms falling above my tool were giving fire to my devil desire. I was falling weak to get over this attraction and love. I put my hand on her hand, it was soft, hair less, taking her palms in my palms of both hands finger crossed. It was like I responded her positively. It was just happening, I din’t have the control over it. I turned towards her took her in my arms cursed her tightly. She also had tightly hold me.

I was feeling now complete, as if I need nothing more than this from this world, I got what I needed. My mouth was on her shoulder and side neck, her body smell due to sweat in hot weather filled my nose, i was liking it, softly kissed on her shoulder and neck, she held back of my head and slightly sounded ‘mmmmmm’, i rubbed my mouth there on her neck kissed there and that trails of kissing moved to her ear, chick and finally our lips met, I had already surrendered myself. Warmth of her mouth entered in me. The soft lips was so juicy I was sucking it lovely. kissing and tasting upper and lower lips made me more excited. My tongue was making its way to her mouth and met her tongue, she sucked my tongue and our tongue dancing together. After 15 mins or so of passionately kissing each other. I left her and lifted her in my arms took her lips on mine taking her to our bed, putting her down I lied over her. Saw in her loving deep eyes she said ”u can go ahead bro’ i love u n m all yours”.

I went forward again our lips met with more passion we kissed, her hands on my back of head and waist and my hand went to rest on her big firm boobs which was pressing on my chest. So soft boobs, first time i had taken any boobs and felt its softness above the kurti. I was pressing boobs and mouth kissing. Doing like this for few mins we were rolling on bed, when she was on the top of me my hand went on her back where zip of the kurti was there. I held it and sliding it downward to open it. now my hands was travelling on soft skin of back. She while kissing pressed her pelvis bone to mine where my erect cock was caged in side shorts. I rolled her back and pulled out her kurti. Now, the upper body was left with bra only which had covered the soft white round globes my face got there and smelling boobs kissing it. The big melons which were always tempting me and which attracted me to wake up my dark desire.

It was round shaped tight fixed to her chest, standing with proud on chest. I took my hand to her back and unclasped bra, boobs freed open. Oh my god, such a nice, round milky white boobs with a pink areola and nipple erect standing at the center. I saw at shilpa she was watching me, looking at her i leaned down to suck at her nipples, as i took it into mouth she closed her eyes in enjoyment and arched her boobs up to let her nipple sucked hard, I started sucking her nipple hard and pressing the other, i took as much as my cud take in of her boob.

Shilpa taking my head in her hand pressed on boob & lifted her ass in the air in excitement, i touched in her pussy above the salwar, i felt her pajama and panty is wet from the excitement. I rubbed her pussy above the salwar to which she again lifted her pussy up and down like she is fucking my hand. I played with the other as the first. This went for 15 mins. I opened the pajama knot and slide my hand inside the panty and touched the pussy. It was hairy, I slipped at the bottom tugged her panty and pajam torether and took both out, shilpa closed her face with hands out of shame. This game has made me horny like hell. Shilpa still closed her face. I spread her legs apart.

Her pussy was dripping wet. She was red faced with horniness. I took off my shorts and tee, took her one hand placed on my dick which was at its full length of 8.5” she measured my dicks lenght and thickness, then opened her eyes said ”bhaiya, shall it adjsut there its so big and my pussy is tiny”. I told her ”ur pussy cn take 15 inch, each pussy hv tht capacity, it is made like that, i’ll do it slowly, with much extracare.” she nodded in yes. I then took my dick at the entrance. I was in mood to jput it inside so furiously that I had suppressed my unknown desire in excitement for so many days, I was so horny now for it is really happeneing with me which was out of believe.

But I took hold because she was my own little lovely sister. I cant hurt her. I lubricated my dick with her dripping wet cunt. Took my dick on her opening cunt and started massaging her clit and inner part. Mixed with her and my own precum my dick got much lubricated, now I held her waist and stick my dick on the opening point of her vagina and pushed in slowly. In excitement she also pressed her on my dick, my mushroom inserted in her pussy. I know after that every inch she is going to have a bitter experience, i pushed little more due to slippery it went another inch easily but she started to scream in pain, I lied on her and took my hand below her and hold her both shoulders by both the hands and pressed more inside her pussy. When half way it went into, she was just crying in pain and tears were flowing out of her eyes. I stayed still and asked her” r u ok?” she replied ”haan bhaiya”. If u r having unbearable pain tell me immediately to withdraw it”. She said ”no, this is now or never, push it all the way, i m ready”. Seeing this love and excitement I got courage and excited so much that made a strong stroke and I was inside her fully. She cried loudly with pain but I took her mouth in my mouth and start kissing. she responding kiss with the same passion.

We kissed n kissed for 5 mins then i kissed her neck and then took her nipple in mouth started sucking both of it. Her scream subsided and moans coming out. I again asked ”hw r u nw?”. She said ”ab thik hu bhaiya, but are full inside or still have to push in? Coz your dick is already in my womb”. I took her hand there, when she found no space and my bottom of dick is touching her opening cunt she said ”oh my god, i cant believe i just took it in full”. She when show her hand she found sticky precum and blood, she pushed her that finger in her mouth and sucked it again took her hand there and placed in my mouth. I felt a jolt in my dick inside her womb. She started pushing upward, i went down smooching her and starting a slow rhythm matching with her.

Slowly the pace increased i was feeling i was hitting her womb. She closed her eyes and feeling each stroke i was making. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pushing inside with my whole dick disappearing in her pussy. After 10 mins humping her i felt her tightening her vagina and gripping my dick with it. Her body makes jolts and her pussy was convulsing, she pulled and hold me tight, she came very hard. after few mins her body got loosen. I was still hard and fucking in n out her dripping wet pussy. Dick was going in n out smoothly as her juice due to orgasm made it more slippery, it was different kind of experience, i was hitting her vagina very fast her boobs was shaking up n down on each thrust, again shilpa’s orgasm started building up and again she cummed and just after that minute i came inside her. Filled up her womb with my juices. I fell on her. Her and mine heart was beating heavily i cud feel her heart beating in my chest. we lied like that and sleep took over us.
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