Apni gadrayin mast behan ke tino hole me apne lund ka pani barsaya

I am 18 and my sister is 23, she is wheatish and has a sexy figure of 36B-26-36. She likes wearing high heels and that really turns me on. Anyway, this story happened a few months back. My parents are looking
for a groom for my sister and so every now and then some family visits our house, as is customary. My sister (Sidhi (name changed)) used to get dressed up in a saree, put on make-up and wear her high heels. I used to take pictures of her after she got dressed and used to masturbate later. Anyway, this time was my lucky one.

As usual, the family came, they sat and talked etc etc.. after they had gone, my parents went out to a dinner party leaving my sister and I alone at home. We have always been close and we sat and discussed about the guy who had come to see her. Sidhi was looking damn sexy in that saree and her pallu was a little low from her shoulders letting me peep into her blouse and see her sexy cleavage.

I planned to seduce her. She asked me how I liked the guy. I told her that a girl as beautiful as her deserves a much better guy as her husband. She started laughing and said “C’mon Rahul, I’m not so beautiful anyway!”. I held her hand and said “No, you really are! Rather, I think you’re very sexy.” She didn’t respond, she just kept looking at me.

I realised that it was now or never, holding one of her hands I slid my other hand on her thigh over her saree and she shuddered unexpecting the touch. She said “Rahul don’t, I’m your sister.” but I didn’t want to stop, I moved closer to her and kissed her on the neck and she moaned. That was just the sign I needed. I licked her neck softly and moved my hand up her back, tracing her skin. She was getting horny now and she had started unbuttoning my shirt.

I continued licking all over her neck for some time while she opened my shirt and ran her fingernails on my back. Then I made her stand and started unwrapping her saree exposing her sexy belly.. I took her saree entirely off her until she remained only in her blouse and petticoat. Then I put her down on the floor and kissed her all over her stomach and put my finger inside her belly button.. then I lied down on her, her big breasts squeezed under my chest.. wow what a feeling that was.. I kissed her on the lips and put my tongue inside her. She had unbuttoned my jeans and her hand was on my dick, rubbing it and massaging it over my underwear.

While she was lost, exploring my 7 inch dick, I tore off her blouse and saw that there was no bra underneath..her sexy boobs flung out at me and I started devouring them, licking them and biting at her sexy brown nipples… she was moaning with the pain and the pleasure.

I stood up and took off my underwear then I undid her petticoat and slid her panty off her sexy smooth legs… We turned into 69 and she was sucking my dick as if it was an ice cream.. I licked her pussy softly and bit at her pussy lips…she was moaning and sucking my cock…Then I put my tongue inside her and started moving it around in circles, in and out.. I knew she was in heaven because she had stopped sucking my dick and was just moaning and shouting “Yeaahhhh Rahul… lick it good…make me cum! I’m your bitch rahul, I’m a fucking whore!”

Soon she started cumming, her body tightened up and she shivered as her orgasm hit her… It was a glorious orgasm! Now it was my turn to ride her like the bitch she was. I put my cock on her pussy and slowly thrust it inside, she screamed “FUCKK!!! RAHUL!! YEAHHHHH FUCK ME!! MAKE ME YOUR SLUT!” and I kept on fucking her, moving my cok in and out of her pussy very fast… I had rammed her pussy very hard and she had tears in her eyes..then I realised that I was about to cum.. I took out my cock and put it in her mouth..she sucked it hard…licked it all over and I came inside her mouth…my semen filled her sexy little mouth and it dripped from the sides of her lips. I said “Cmon bitch! Eat it! Eat it you fucking whore!”.

She ate all my cum and told me she wanted more ;) So she sucked my cock again until it was rock solid, then I sat on her belly, positioned my cock between her sexy breasts and started tit fucking her. She closed her eyes and moaned softly as my cock slithered in her sweaty cleavage… I also was moaning a little. While tit fucking her, I squeezed her breasts together so that her cleavage would get tighter and I will enjoy more… I kept tit fucking her for a long time while squeezing her boobs hard.. they were so soft I felt like I never would want to stop squeezing them.

After a long tit fuck session, she pulled me over her and asked me to fuck her missionary style. We held each other tightly as I started pushing my dick in her and she closed her eyes tightly, her fingernails digging into my back. Once my dick was completely inside her pussy, I started stroking her. Slowly at first and then I increased my pace with every thrust… She was moaning “Aaahhh……aaaahhhh..ah..ah..ah..ah..ah..ah..ah..ah” and I was licking her face. She was looking extremely sexy with her entire body covered in sweat. Her lips were completely wet with sweat and I licked them, her sweat was as tasty as she was.

I kept on fucking her and abusing her, talking dirty with her for a long time. Then I got off her and turned her over, she screamed in pain as I pushed my dick in her ass.. I was also groaning because her ass was very tight. Once my dick was inside her ass, I reached around her waist and grabbed her boobs and then started fucking her ass. I was on cloud nine…doing doggy style with my sexy sister!

She screamed in the bittersweet pain of the fuck and I was enjoying her body, licking every single inch of her that was in my reach while ass fucking her very very hard. Then I pulled away, threw her down and told her that I was gonna make her cum again! I started licking her from the forehead and reached all the way down to her feet, continuously licking her body. Her feet were looking so damn sexy in those heels..Then I moved back upwards from her feet to her pussy and put two fingers inside her, moving them in and out.

Sidhi was very vulnerable, and I knew she will cum very soon, I curved my fingers inside her pussy and licked her pussy lips..she was moaning and screaming softly. I removed my fingers as her orgasm hit her again and she lied there, moving on the floor, cumming. Then I pushed my dick in her mouth and deep throated her, she was gagged by my huge dick and I was ready to cum in like 4-5 minutes. I started ejaculating inside her mouth and forced her to drink it. She obeyed and drank it all, she even licked the left off drops from my dick.
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