Didi ke sasurji ne didi ko bhogne ke sath sath mera bhi udghatan kar diya

I am Rimi Bose, 21 yrs old slim and very beautifully figured girl. With my slim figure I have got unbelievable huge boobs which are the centre of attraction for all males. Before going to 5 yrs. Back, the starting of the incidence(s), let me tell about my family. We live in Darzling, the famous tourist place of India. My father was working as a guide. Besides my father, mother I have a sister Simi Di who is 2 years older than me. Di is my sister as well as my best friend. We are very free with each other and share every thing even censored matters. She was very sexy and always talks sexy matters, also I enjoy. With my father’s little earning we were living happily. Simi Di’s marriage was already fixed with the son of Parto Sen, baba’s best friend who lives in the same area, just within 100 mtrs. Distance. His wife was dead when his son Subrato was 10 yrs. Old. So, uncle was hurry to get the marriage done as soon as possible. But since Di was reading +2 final yr. Baba was little bit reluctant. Subrato was also doing nothing after his graduation, just helping his father. Uncle had a small hotel and since it is a tourist place he was looking for a house to make a guest house so that Subrato can be engaged in that business as well as it will be a good income. But Subrato was not interested in such business and he was ambitious of becoming a rich person. He was always dreaming of Dubai and telling us to go to Dubai if he gets a chance.

One day message came that Nana( Father of Maa) is very serious. Immediately Baba and Maa went to Nana’s village , but at the time of returning, both baba and maa passed way in a road accident. There was no one in the family of baba as well as Nana was also very poor. It was bad time for us, we were realy helpless. However, Parto Uncle took all the responsibility. He took us to his home and subsequently Di married to Subrato even though he was not at all agree to marry. Now we called uncle as baba since he became the FIL of Di. Baba converted our house to a guest house which in turn became a good source of income. Subrato was engaged in guest house, but he was not at all happy, his intention was some thing else. One day, just 4 months of marrage he left the home without informing any body. Baba tried his best but did not get any information.Days passed but Subrato did not return. It was another tragedy for my Di. Some body said that he has gone to Dubai and trapped by smuggling mafias. Baba tried to convice Di to get second marriage, but she did not agree as she had hope that Subrato will return some day. Di was always in upset mood. She was never seen smiling after Subrato left the home. Baba asked her to help him in his business and get herself busy, but in vain. I was feeling very pity with the position of Di. I passed 10th and for my better education baba desired to send me to a boarding college. I was not ready to leave Di since she will feel alone in my absence, but Di also forced me to oblige baba. At last in July month I had to leave them for my eduation………

In Puja vacation I returned to home. Seeing me, Di hugged me tightly and became very happy. I saw drastic changes in my Di. She was quite differrent and looking very active. Di was looking after the guest house and she was herself working as the receptionist. I was astonished to see her activities and could not believe myself. I thought myself whether Subrato has returned or any message of his returning back? But there was nothing like that. In the afternoon she left for the gust house and told me that we shall talk a long in the night. She returned at about 9.00pm and ordered the new servant Keshu to bring Dinner from our hotel. We took our dinner and went to bed. I asked her how she could be changed within just 4 months. She remained silent for a minute and said all credits goes to Baba. But I thanked God for making my Di happy again.At about 11.30pm baba returned from hotel and called Di. I was also feeling little tired. Di told me “you just sleep I am coming after giving him today’s account”. I asked “what about his dinner?” Di replied “fool, he is the owner of hotel”. Then she left the room went to baba who was just in the adjacent room. I tried to get asleep. With some sound I woke, I was covered with a bedsheet. Under the bedsheet the room was clearly visible. Di entered in the room tiptoed and seeing me asleep she slowly put off the light and closed the door from the out side. My breathing stopped for while, “where did she go?” I asked myself. After some time I heared some diferrent sound from the room of baba. I stood up from the bed and placed my ear on the window of the wall of both the room. I surprised to listem moaning of Di uuhhhhhh…My doubt increased and curosity also. I searched a media to see into the room. I got a crack on the window which was sufficient to seethrough. I was shocked to see the picture of room.

Their bedroom light was on. An electric wave passed in my body, for some moment I could not believe my self. Oh God! Baba was looking awesome. Great body, he was with a lungi only and Di! She was with her panty & bra only. Baba was moving his hands on her massive boobs which were little sagged. I was shievering with excitement. I had never seen such a scene in my life. Di was kneeled down and had caught the tool of baba and sucking that like a choco bar Ice cream. Baba was moaning with pleasure oooohhhhh… you are sooooooo……. Sweeeettttttt, suck……. Meeeeeeee morrrrrrre……. Baby……. She was down on her knees as she gracefully wrapped her warm silk lips around his throbbing cock which was about 9” long and 3.5” wide. She could not manage to fit the whole of it and therefore circled her tongue around the head of his cock which went deep down towards her throat. Baba grabbed hold of her head and moved it back and forth, fucking her mouth. As her silky lips squeezed his cock trying to forcefully suck the juice out of it, she wrapped her hands around his butt pulling it from behind making his cock slip in more inside her mouth. Baba was moaning uhhhhhhhhh…. Wao! I told myself. I forgot everything, I was going mad. I could not control and undressed myself and pressed my boobs. My nipples were erected and preecums were coming out from my pussy. I was watching with full excitement. Baba slowly stood her up looked into her eyes and started kissing her passionately on her lips for a minute, whilst his hands started to roam vigorously both her boobs. He was squizing her boobs gently rubbing the nipples. Di could not control her and opened the bra hook and threw the bra away. Then baba took his right hand around her right thigh and stopped over her moist cunt. There he inserted his one finger straight away inside her panty. She gasped at that, held her breath for about a second and then closed her eyes shut, as he started to finger her cunt rapidly. Di was getting wild. Baba pulled down her panty and he also opened his lungi. I was out of control and started fingering my pussy in and out.

Baba then spread Di’s legs wide, as she rested on her elbows backwards. Baba then started to kiss down her stomach and then around her groin as she tilted her head back her eyes shut and moaning quietly in pleasure, and then started to lick her clitoris sending shock waves through her body. Soon he inserted his tongue right into her pussy, and rubbing it up to her clit. She couldn’t hold on anymore and bought her milky thighs over his shoulder. All she could gasp was “baba, oh… baba, I can’t take it… fuck me… Please make…unh… me your slut…let me be the….unh…. Mother of your children”! Baba moved down to her ears licked them gently, and then whispered something. Looking this I was getting horny but controlled myself and continued watching.She slowly parted her thighs, slowly, slowly first the head of his cock went in, after that he slowly pushed in inch by inch as she whimpered clinging onto him with all her might. Bit by bit the whole of his cock travelled through the entrance of her cunt. Di was moaning louder aahhhhhhh…. Margaeee……oohhhhhhhh…baba please……… dheere dheere chodiye…. After some time baba increased his speed. He was fucking Di violently. At last he pulled out his dick and entered that in Di’s mouth. Baba loaded his entire cum in her mouth which Di shallowed gladly without any hesitation.Oh my God! I was fingering my pussy very fast and reached my orgasm. My head started reeling. I thought myself what a whore Di is! I must ask her how she could surrender herself to a man like her father, so shame less…Next day in the early morning Di woke up and after finishing her daily work went to guest house. Baba also left for hotel. The scenes of last night was running in my my mind and also making me horny. I was getting crazy to know how it started. I was dam sure that Di must disclose it before me as we were very free from our childhood. Due to over rush baba does not come to home during day time, but Di comes and takes rest for 2 hrs. Which I came to know from Keshu. I felt relaxed that there will be sufficient time to have a talk with Di.

Di returned at 2.00pm and quickly changed her dress. I was busy with a novel which was a romantic one. Di called me for lunch which was brought from the hotel. After taking lunch we together went to bed for rest. Di shut her eyes soon, but I could not. I was waiting for the opportunity to start, but not getting. After about 15 minutes Di turned her face towards me. Seeing my eyes wide open, asked “are u not slept”. I said no and gathering courage I started “Di shall I ask some thing”. Di said what? “From when you and baba………” Di suddenly opened her eyes and stared at me with surprise. She said “what do you want to say?”. I said “don’t try to hide Di. I have seen every thing in last night”. Her face got paled, she could not utter a word and stammered “u.. Ha..ve se…en, whaaat?” I replied angrily “baba was fucking u”. She got shocked and kept mum, tears rolled from her eyes. I felt pity on her, I solaced her “don’t worry Di I shall not open my mouth to any body, u just tell how it started”. With fear she started

After u left I was all alone as because baba was busy with both the hotel and guest house and returning in late night. My loneliness agravated my thinking of Subroto and feeling very depressed. I gave up eating and sleeping. Looking this baba was very much worried. He was trying his best to make me happy. He brought a DVD player for me and gave good film dvds. But I did’nt take any interest. Actually to some extent Subrato was quenching the thirst of my pussy and I was starving for sex since he left. I was cursing my ill fate. After baba returns, some times he also used to watch dvds. One day I was feeling very lonely. By glance I saw a new CD on the DVD player. I switched on the DVD player and loaded the CD. The movie started. I was shocked because it was a porn movie; an English Gori unzipping a Negro started sucking his moanster dick. I switched off and saw the door whether any one was there but no one was there. I switched on the DVD player again and watched the movie. It was very exciting. I became hot and my lips became dry. I totally involved in watching the movie. Suddenly I realized someone was on the door. I switched the DVD player off and opened the door. I had forgotten to eject the CD from which baba could know that I was watching the movie. He smiled at me and entered in his bed room.

From his bed room he called me “Simi, come in I am feeling sever head ache”. I entered in his room, he was wrapped with a towel around his waist. He requsted me to apply balm on his head. I sat beside him and applied balm on his fore head. Breaking the silence he asked “how was the movie Simi? I didn’t answer and shook my head down. He came closer and lifted my head and said “simi, why are you scared? There is nothing wrong in this. Come on, relax”. Then he put his left hand on my shoulder and patted me and took me to his chest. His hand was rubbing my shoulder and slowly came to my hip and caught my waist. I was nervous. His hand just made its way between my bra and panty and was playing on my stomach. I was wearing nightee. His left hand made further way inside my nightee and played on my belly area. I was getting bit angry and at once wanted to come out of his grasp but was afraid. As the thought process was going in my mind, I soon realised that his hand is slowly coming up and in an instance cupped my breast and started massaging. I said “baba, this is not a healthy practice, please leave me”. Listening to my angry words he removed his hand. I was still nervous and my hands and legs were shivering. I observed baba very closely, even though he is of my father’s age but has a good physique. His chest was wide and on a glance I could see a huge bulge down under his towel. I realised that how that act of catching my boobs has made his dick go erect. Now baba asked me “Simi did you liked the movie”. I kept silence. Still he asked once more and continued “hey baby don’t worry I won’t say this to anyone. Tell me frankly did you like that movie.” I just nodded my head to say yes. “Yes I did know that you will like that.

The scenes are so erotic that anyone will like it.” He said with a smile. I with a low voice asked him “baba who had brought that cd?” He replied “I only had brought it. Yesterday I wanted to enjoy myself as I was kept on sex fasting after the death of your MIL. So I brought that cd and yesterday night I enjoyed and masturbated seeing that erotic movie.” I was totally amused by the frankness baba was expressing without even hesitating that I am his daughter in law. “Even after having so many years of married life I need to masturbate to overcome my sexual urge. It’s 15 years since I had a full sex with her. And for past 15 years I am giving my hands a lot of pain.” Listening to these words I got sympathetic towards him. Baba said. “Simi do you mind if I just caress your boobs for couple of minutes.” I looked back at him in a shock. “No no plz don’t feel bad. These hands have lost the sense of a touch of beautiful breasts. And today after a long time even though it was for a few seconds it just felt yours. So if you agree I will just caress them for a couple of minute. It won’t harm you anyways Simi. In fact you will also get a bit of joy I promise.” I was also starving for sex so I said nothing in response. Seeing my silence he then came right back to me and put both his hands on my shoulder. He started massaging my shoulder and slowly his hands came to my breasts. He cupped my breasts and started caressing them. I felt blood rushing in my chest as this was after almost 1 yr gap any male was handling them like this. He kept on caressing more and more eager and harder. I started moaning in pleasure and the glance of my eyes on baba’s downside saw a huge thing poking against his towel. I was starting to enjoy it and I think baba sensed it and he brought his body close to mine and hugged me. He kissed my neck, earlobe and cheek. His right hand was massaging my boobs and his left hand came to my abdomen and crushed. I was moaning. He removed his towel. Now his both hands were removing nightee. I was just sitting still and was realising this experience. He inserted his right hand inside my panty and caressed my pubic hair.

I was in my bra and panty. I felt his hardness. He rubbed his pubic hair on my back. He turned me towards him and hugged me tight. His hands were playing on my back. He crushed my ass. He unhooked my bra hook and cupped my boobs under the bra and removed my bra. He took my left boob in his mouth and his left hand crushed my right boob very hard. His hands came down and crushed my hip and rolled my panty down and removed it. I was standing naked in front of him. He stared at my body and said “Simi, you have a wonderful structure”. I too enjoyed his nude posture. His dick was about 9 inches long and around 3½ inch thick. He hugged me and held my hip and lifted me to his shoulder height and placed me on the bed and said “Simi, put your both legs on my shoulder” I put my legs on his shoulder. My pussy was close to his mouth and my legs were hanging on his back. He rubbed his face on my pubic hair and kissed my pussy. He lifted my hip little up and started licking my pussy. He sucked my pussy and put his tongue inside my pussy and licked. His tongue touched my clitoris and played inside me. I was really enjoying the pleasure. I was moaning a lot and my voices had filled bedroom. He raised me little high and asked me to put down my legs. I slowly came down rubbing his body. He hugged me tightly and kissed my boobs. He sucked my left boob and massaged my right boob. He bit my nipple and made circles with his tongue on my nipple. I also hugged him tightly and played on his back with my hands. He inserted his index finger inside my pussy and rubbed the walls of my pussy. He rubbed my clitoris and his finger went deep inside me. I jerked. He Inserted the middle finger also and finger fucked me. My pussy was wet. He moved me to the bed and pushed me gently on the bed and fell on me. He covered my lips with his lips and licked my tongue. He sucked my saliva. I also inserted my tongue inside his mouth. He opened my pussy lips with his finger and inserted his dick. My pussy showed resistance. I screamed and said “baba, Please do slowly”.

He nodded his head and pealed the foreskin of his dick and slowly inserted his dick. He inserted about 80% of his dick and started moving his dick in and out. Suddenly he applied more pressure to insert his dick completely inside my pussy and started fucking me. His huge dick went deep inside my pussy and gave me more pleasure. Both of us were breathing heavily. He kept on fucking and I reached the orgasm. I whispered “baba, Aah, isss aah” and hugged him.” He was fucking me like a machine with constant speed. Suddenly he moaned heavily and increased his speed and pumped his semen inside my pussy. He kissed me and licked my boobs. We relaxed for some time.After a brief rest, he woke me up and asked me to sit on the floor and he himself stood in front of me. He rubbed his dick on my face and said “Simi, Please take my dick in your mouth” I couldn’t deny it hence I kissed his dick and licked the tip of his dick. I pealed his foreskin and licked for sometime and took his full dick inside my mouth and sucked his dick like a cone ice cream. He was moaning. He was moving his hip to and fro. I played with his balls and caressed his thigh with my hands. He said “Simi, you are really a sexy girl, your MIL never gave me such a blow job. Ssssshhh aaahh he was moaning. Finally he released his sperm inside my mouth. I swallowed his sperm and sucked his dick and cleaned his dick with my tongue. I loved the experience I was getting in a single day. All those things which I was fantasying about was coming true and that too in a span of hours. I always dreamt of sucking a hard dick till it cums and I just was provided with that pleasure. Now I got up and went into bathroom and cleaned myself and then came out to see baba dressed up in a lungi and nothing on top. I got dressed and came to the hall he came behind me ands said “Simi, I want to have one round in doggy style, after that I will leave you”. Now that offer of fucking me doggy style made my pussy wet. I agreed. I took rest for half an hour and moved to the Bedroom. He removed my dress once again and just put off his lungi. He asked me to kneel like a dog on the edge of the bed. I did so. He rubbed his dick on my ass and from the back he cupped my boobs. He massaged my boobs and played with the nipples. His dick became hard. Now he widened my legs and rubbed my pussy with his right hand. He opened my pussy lips and inserted his dick inside my pussy. He started fucking me. Both of us were moaning. He inserted his dick deep inside my pussy. His hands were playing on my boobs. My boobs were swinging due to his to and fro movement. He fucked me for about 30 minutes and released his sperm inside my pussy. He took his dick from my pussy and asked me to lick. I licked. He hugged me and kissed passionately. We both were exhausted and I lay down on bed and followed by uncle. We again went into a sweet sleep for an hour.After 1 hr. He again asked me to sit on the table. I did so. He came between my legs and pressed my shoulder back. I placed my hands on the table and leaned back. He came between my legs and widened my legs. He massaged my boobs and placed my hand on his dick. I started playing with his dick. His dick got erected and ready to fuck me. He inserted his dick inside my pussy and started moving to and fro. I leaned little back. I can see his dick going inside my pussy and coming out. He fucked me slowly and increased his speed. He lifted my right leg and came very closer to me and kept on fucking me. Both of us were moaning due to pleasure. He increased his speed and finally for the third time in the night released his sperm inside my pussy. He lifted me and lay on the bed and fell on me and kissed me all over my body. He said “Simi, I am lucky to have a bahu like u, I imagined you on the bed and masturbated on your photos but today I really fucked you. After this I got fucked by him almost every day in different postures. He satisfied me more than I was expecting from Subrato. The world again became beautiful for me. I obliged his words and changed myself. I started helping him in his business and gradually I independently run the guest house. Now I am not worried about Subrato and also don’t want any other male. Listening this from Di I was totally wet. After Di left I masturebet and dreamed about their fucking sessions. I thanked god for bringing happiness back in my Di’s life……….

Baba had gone to Kolkatta for 2 days to purchase materials for the guest house to decorate in Puja. He returned in midnight which we did not know as Keshu had opened the door. He was also tired and without disturbing us he got asleep. On the next day as usual Di left for guest house in early morning and told me to to give the bed tea to baba. Keshu was also gone towards hotel. So I was alone with baba. My heart beats increased as I was scared of any mishappenings. I prepared tea and took to baba. Baba was asleep and snoaring hevily. I opened his door slowely and entered in his room. The room was semi dark and easily one can not identify any thing. I was put on the light but current was not at that time. I went near to baba and shook him and told “baba….baba…….. Your tea”. He opened his eyes and suddenly grabbed me. I was totally scared and shivering. Since Di and my physique was almost same baba could not recognize me. He hugged me tightly and said “Oh Simi, my sweet heart, I missed u very much in 2 days” and started cressing my boobs. With utmost fear I could not utter a word. He felt my fresh boobs tight and looked at me but my eyes were closed. He recognized me and felt happy to get me under his arms, but it was not known to me as I had not seen while he saw me. Taking this advantage he layed me on the bed and slowly opened the nightee from my body. I was shievering with excitement, I had never felt such experience in my life. My nipples were erected and preecums were coming out from my pussy. I was very much aroused now and started giving light moaning unknowingly…. I was half sleep and half enjoyment…. Now while massaging he placed one hand on my left boob slightly and gave It a slight press…… I moaned with a little louder “aaaaammmm…”. He started licking my navel and massaging my boobs with his hands. I was trying to resist but in vain. It was already late. He kissed n licked all over my thighs…. I was moaning in pleasure…. “aaaaaaahhhh….. Mmmmmmmm…… mmmmaaaaa…… babaaaaaa…. He increased the pace of licking n kissing….. He pushed his head into my inner thighs and licked……. I closed my eyes and holding the bedsheet tight…… He kissed my boobs and sucked the nipples…… I moaned aaaahhh mmmmm…….. Then he grabbed my two boobs in his two hands and squeezed randomly. Then he started sucking my boobs n nipples hard…. I was moaning a lot… and pushed his head more into my boobs…..He then inserted his tongue into my pussy and I shook with the ultimate happiness. His tongue fucked me for 10 minutes. I was shouting like a mad girl. He then removed his lungi I was scared to have such a huge dick which definitely going to kill me. I was just 16 yrs at that time, and a true virgin. He departed my legs and slowly entered his monster into my pussy and I felt like a hot rod was drilling me. It was very tight, I screamed with pain “ahhhhhhhhhhh….. Marrrrrrgayeeee…….. ……. Pllllleeeeeease…….. Leave meeeeeeeee……. It is hurting me………..”. But he was already wild. He told me “relax Rimi I have fucked your sister so many times and satisfied her to her hearts end. You just relax and enjoy”. I shocked that he had already identified me and felt very ashamed. But it was already late. He asked “r u a virgin?”, I said shamefuly “yesss”.He looked around and got up. He went to the bath room and brought coconut oil. He took some oil on his hand and applied on his monster and on my cunt. He again kept his dick on the lips of my cunt and gave a big thrust. His cock entered like a greased shaft. I was breathing heavily and screaming with pain. “Uumaa…..marjaaoongiii…….. Aap kaa bahut lamba aur mota hai, dheere dheere daliye” He rested on me for 5 minutes and started his movement. He broke my hymen as a result my pussy was bleeding heavily. He didn’t care and made slow moments and he increased his speed slowly and I started enjoying. Then he fucked harder I was moaning ahhhhhh uuuuhhh ffffffffffuuuucccckkkkk mmmeeeeeeeee slow. But he didn’t listen and pushed his cock deep inside my cunt and I screamed mmmmmnnnnnhhhhh in pain and pleasure. He started to ram his rock hard cock back and forth in my aching pussy.

Slow at first but then harder as I screamed for him to give it to me. His hands grabbed my ass and he pounded away, fucking me with all his might. He was saying “you are so tight….. So sweet…. Baby”. I was as hot as I met his thrusts, moaning every time his balls slapped my clit. He was doing very fast so that I could not control myself and he made me cum and I shivered as I came but he did not stop he was ramming his rod with a great speed and I was bit surprised to see his stamina. It was awesome. He was moaning loudly hey baby……I am cumming……cumming..he took out his dick and spread his cums over my naval, boobs and face. He did’nt go to hotel in the morning hour that day and fucked me thrice more in differrent positions. My cunt was acheing, but he was not ready to leave me easily. When Di returned baba pretended to have severed head ache. But Di got it from my style of walking. She smiled and asked me whispering “what happened to u, who made you hurt” I felt ashamed and said “Di…please…….” Di said “I know, he is non other than …baba….right…” I was embarrassed and rested my head on her shoulder and said “yes Di he is a wonderful fucker, I love his strokes and want him more and more”. Di said “I know darling, he has fucked me, sucked me and rocked my life” We both laughed aloud. On latter days baba fucked us both even on the same bed .
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