Maa ne bete se chudai ka charamsukh paya

Naveen's mother Sumathi always looked in fine shape, thanks to all the hard work she performed most of the day. Ramram was almost a maniac when it came to sex. The busy fishermen never let any opportunity go in waste when it came to fucking their wife's. Sumathi enjoyed her husband's beastly lust as he could give her multiple orgasms anytime she wished. But, the untimely death of her husband had left her high and dry with regard to sex and she wasn't the gutsy woman who would ever look for sex outside in a petty village like where she lived. She had to resort to masturbation every now and then to keep her body within her control. The moment she heard of her son's arrival after 6 long years, she consoled herself that at least his stay would ensure against any filthy thoughts. She didn't realize that it was one of that wishful thinking. Finally, the day came when Naveen returned to the village.

Tears of joy rolled down the cheeks of Sumathi the moment she saw her son on the doorsteps. Naveen was equally emotional seeing his mother after so long and before they could realize, they were hugging. It is very uncommon in most parts of India that a grown up son and mother even touch each other. But, emotions were running high here with the son and mother getting into a hard embrace as if they were lovers meeting each other after a prolonged separation. It was only after Sumathi sensed her son's bulging crotch pressing against her thighs that she freed herself from his arms and managed to sport a silly smile. Naveen was equally embarrassed to realize what they have done although he felt as if in heaven while hugging his mother. His fingers went over his shirt above his chest to feel where Sumathi's tremendous breasts were pressing a few seconds ago.

It was a typical village scenario thereafter. People from the entire village thronged into their house hearing Naveen's arrival and to see those materials he had brought from all over the world. Naveen could still see the moist in his mother's eyes although his smile seemed to mean more than mere affection a mother normally has for her son. They kept exchanging smiles till the last visitor got off the house and once they were alone, Sumathi promptly closed the door and latched it from inside.Naveen rose again, reaching his mother and hugged her once more, this time with deliberate lust overflowing in his heart. Sumathi preferring not to resist, let her arms go around her son's back to rest just above his neck stroking his hair. The indication was enough for her obedient son as he wrapped her with his arms to pull her close enough to let their bodies press further against each other. While Sumathi closed her eyes unable to bear the pinch of her son's erection right in between her thighs, Naveen started kissing her on either side of her neck and further on her chins before planting his strong lips on his mother's pinky lips. The mother and son simultaneously experienced an extremely elated feeling before Sumathi pushed her son back and moved towards the kitchen. Naveen, for all practical purposes concluded that his frantic search for passionate sex is approaching its logical end.

It was almost eventless for the next couple of hours with Naveen finishing a neat bath and Sumathi arranging those wonderful things brought by her son in the cupboards. The kitchen was buzzing with activity with Naveen's favorite breed of fish being cooked and the noise of the pressure cooker whistling a couple of times. The mother and son happened to cross each other umpteen times during which they weren't shy of exchanging funny smiles. Naveen felt as if things are being dragged a bit too much and hence decided to barge into the kitchen where Sumathi was about to finish her cooking.

Just a tricky smile was all the reaction Naveen got from his mother as silence engulfed the entire kitchen. Somehow, both the mother and son wished that the other would make the first move, while both were more than willing for spontaneous reciprocation. Naveen recollected the look in his mother's eyes when he had kissed her that morning. Sumathi had noticed his prick as well. More importantly, Naveen had done what a normal Indian son would never do with his mother; kissing her in the lips and also rubbing his bulge on her womanhood. It was pure lust with the potential to explode anytime. Naveen sat on the kitchen platform close enough to ensure that every time Sumathi moved, they made physical contact, once her breast brushed against his arm. The mother and son kept playing this hide and seek games for a while, spicing up with their mischievous smiles.

Naveen decided that he had enough and hence started splashing her with the water from the tap drenching her clothes and body. As Sumathi started running to avoid the splashing, Naveen grabbed the top of her saree to stop her. The safety pin which Sumathi had fixed to ensure that her saree did not slip from her blouse, snapped open due to the force of Naveen's pull and in a flash not only the saree slipped down her arms, but right side of Sumathi's blouse tore off. Naveen for a moment got terrified thinking if he had crossed the limit. But, his eyes immediately widened to see his mother's wonderfully voluptuous breasts wrapped inside a thin layered blouse revealing a dark bra inside. Sumathi stood motionless as her son hungrily stared at her chest without batting an eyelid. She realized that her son was glaring at the portion of her blouse which concealed her nipples which were erect. She felt a chill in her, to be watched by her own son like this, but couldn't help letting him devour her breasts with his eyes. She could feel gentle ooze in between her thighs and decided to give everything up and submit to her only son. She quickly pulled out the packed frills of her saree from the petticoat knot, held her arms on her waist and swirled around a few times letting the saree strip off its entire length with amazing ease. Naveen was a stunned man holding his mother's saree in one hand, unable to believe, watching his mother stand before him with just the blouse and petticoat.

As Sumathi turned sideways to present him a profile view of her breasts, Naveen's dick grew like a demon. She further slipped the petticoat from her waist and slid it down to let it fall in a heap on the floor. Her hands swung into action again to unhook her blouse and to throw it right on the face of her waiting son. Naveen, with his dick as hard as rock hard jumped off the platform and moved towards his half naked mother. The sex starved son hugged his ill-fed mother yet again and their lips found each Other's instantly. What started off as a gentle kiss soon became more like that of passionate lovers with lips getting chewed. With lust looming large over the mother and son, the mother's one arm went over her son's shoulder while the other went down to hold his ever increasing bulge. The son's head got buried in between her firm breasts while his hands cupped her bra covered tits. Their hands were running over each other's body generating tremendous sexual radiation every inch. Naveen clutched his mother's butt pulling them apart while his mother let her legs up making both of them off balance. Within a split second, Sumathi was on the floor with her son's body all over her pressing against her. Naveen skillfully stripped himself within moments after they were down.

"Oh, Naveen," Sumathi exclaimed. "It has been years since I saw you naked."Sumathi felt proud and awkward at the same time to see her son's big thick dick menacingly hanging over her. Naveen knelt between her shiny thighs and pulled off her panties as if he seemed to have undone a million panties before. Sumathi's womanhood was now let open to fresh air and the hot feel of her longing son. Naveen seemed to be unperturbed about her bra and hence she unclasped the hook herself to let her breasts sway like a pair of huge globes. Naveen as though he was anticipating that move of his mother immediately grabbed her breasts and kneaded them for a while. Feeling her son's firm palm on the hardened nipples sent a few waves down under as her clit felt like swelling in anticipation.

Naveen started letting the devil inside him cut loose on his mother as his dick made a forceful entry inside her. As his body embarked on his mother's naked body, she immediately realized how strong he had become after ten years of rigorous workouts. Although he cupped her breasts somewhat gently, the ageing mother felt a shade of pain with her sagging tits getting squeezed like oranges by the lustful son. Her legs wrapped his ribs. Her clit surrounded his shaft with warmth. Naveen had already begun pumping his own mother with lust as never before. The kitchen was soon filled with filthy sentences unexpected of a mother and son doing the unexpected."Take it, Take it.""Deeper, Deeper."Naveen's dick was probing his mother's cunt with amazing speed while his hands never got tired of squeezing, tweaking and teasing her breasts making her scream and groan all the way. The son's thighs were mashing against mother's generating a sound like that of a monster drill boring the earth in a systematic motion. Sumathi occasionally closed her eyes unable to see her son's lusty eyes looking into her eyes from so close. Her son's huge dick had made it all the way in her pussy and he never looked like loosing the momentum in pumping her. She wished that her son should last longer and longer but that wasn't to be. Naveen achieved unimaginable speed soon and as Sumathi felt the boiling sense inside her pussy, her son too exploded and filled her with plenty of loads of thick warm cum.

Mother held her son's shuddering body tight against which almost froze after cumming. Sumathi closed her eyes for a moment and thought for a while about what had just transpired between her and her son. A momentary sense of guilt entered into her mind as a couple of drops of tears flowed out. Naveen relieved himself from the clutches of his mother whom he had fucked like an animal and felt ashamed For a second. He rolled over his mother on the kitchen floor and stared at the roof in disgust. Sumathi before rising on her feet glanced at her son and realized his embarrassment. Letting out a sigh, she planted a kiss on his lips again and whispered, "Doesn't matter. I have never been fucked like this before." 
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