Mere janamdin par patni ne mujhe mere dost ki madmast kamsin behan ki untouch choot aur gand ka tohfa diya

 I am vikram. I am 27 years old with a good looking body of height 5’9”. What I am going to narrate is my real life, experience how I fucked my wife and my friend's sister together on my birthday.

First one is my wife Roshini she is in perfect shape. She has all her weight in the right place. A perfect 34 28 36 figure. She is 5’5 in height and has the best ass very fair and sexy and any guy would think of sex as they see her. My wife roshini and I have a great sex life, have been going around for the last 2 years,

On other the side is my friend's sister Meena she is taller in height and a little shy (but not in bed). She is 5’7 and is a very sexy with a 34 26 35 figure when compared to Roshini her boobs are amazing. She is doing her BBM in mount Carmel college

It happened around some 15 days back it was my wife’s birthday so normally every year I used to gift her but this time I want to gift her something which she liked more and next day was my birthday, so I wanted shop for both so in the afternoon I went to some Saree shop and brought her beautiful pink saree which costed around some 15,000 Rs. And I asked the sales girl to gift wrap it and next I went to Westside store I brought some jeans and t-shirts for me.

In the evening as i came in I kissed her and gifted her a surprise gift she was eager to unwrap it, once she opened she got so excited looking at the Saree which she was asking for a long period …she was so happy and got excited, and she kissed me in my forehead and chicks and even I kissed her and hugged her and she got horny and she put her hands on my pants to feel my rock hard cock, I couldn’t hold on and smooched her real hard and squeezed her boobs and started stripping her and she stripped me, we were totally nude and I took her in my hand and headed towards my bedroom and we had great fucking session that night,

After some great fuck we got exhaust’d and remained nude on the bed, She then asked me what you like to get a gift on your birthday vikram and I told her that I fantasize of fucking two girls together and having them suck my cock together and also fucking one and sucking another’s cunt at the same time will be my lifetime gift hearing this made her really horny but at first she was not agree’g with it but somehow I convinced her and at last she agreed, then she asked with whom and how will I so I taught for a while and finally I decided my cousin Meena because she is the one who can I have safe sex and I told my wife Meena’s name at first she got shocked for a while and asked how will she agree for this and if she complains to someone then we will in problem, So again I taught for a while and I gave her a plan that somehow tomorrow is my birthday you invite Meena to our house for a dinner and ask her to stay that night with us and once we finish our dinner you take her to our bedroom and I will be in hall and once she goes to sleep you msg me and I will come to our bedroom and we both will have sex in front of her and sure she will get aroused and she will join with us…

After listening my plan Roshini was ok and she was quite convinced with my plan and she kissed me and said I will do anything for you vikram because your my sweetheart I love you a lot and we both gone for sleep

Next day it was my birthday when I got up In the morning, with an great enthusiastic she gave me a coffee with smile and wished me and gave me a hug and I was already late for work so I got dressed up and I went to office but I couldn’t able to concentrate on my work I was just thinking about threesome with my wife and cousin, At around 5.30pm I got a call from my wife and she said that your gift is ready for you come and unwrap it.. I got so excited and I was eagerly Wait’g for it.

As soon as fast I arrived home from work that night , Meena’s sandel was outside so I knew she was home. as soon as I entered i found both Roshini and Meena sitting and watching a movie and I looked at Roshini she smiled in a different way and meena wished me, both Roshini and Meena were wearing short skirts and figure hugging tops looking real sexy. I sat down between both of them and we had some talk and later we finished our birthday special dinner and we three started watching some English movie but I was not concentrating on movie I was just watching Meena’s sexy boobs, my wife seeing this she gave me a smile…once the movie Came to an end as we planned my wife took meena to our bedroom and I was in hall watching tv.

It was late night around 11.45 pm, I was eagerly Wait’g for message from my wife, but at last I have received the message saying that she as gone for sleep… I got too excited…

And I entered our bedroom there I saw my both sex goddess on my bed ready to get fucked by my 7 inch dick, I went straight to roshini and I slept next to her and I kissed her all over her body like a mad and I removed Roshini’s top and her bra and sucked her boobs at the Same time. I lifted her skirt and was pulling down her panties. Now we both got horny and she quickly stripped my t-shirt and boxer and took my dick in her hand started to give a blowjob and meanwhile I was sucking her sexy boobs she was moaning aaahhh..uuuhhh..ahhh suck me vikram come’n suck me aaahh Sucking it, she is moaning ohhhhh vikram yesssssssssss, suck it and suck my another nipple alsoooooooo, ohhhh she is pressing my head on her boobs, we were completely nude in front of Meena.

I was so horny and seeing Meena’s boobs right in front of me I could not resist holding them. Being not sure of the reaction of her, Now I couldn’t hold on and I placed my right hand on Meena’s boobs and started to squeeze it. But there was no response, I looked at Roshini and she lifted her head and seeing me holding my cousin’s boobs smiled giving me a green signal to go ahead. While I was sucking and licking my wife’s boobs, I was squeezing Meena’s boobs after some 20mins of sucking and squeezing boobs

Now roshini guided my dick in to her hot pussy…whoooo…it was too hot, I slowly started to fuck her she was moaning…aaahhhhhh…uuuummmm..haaaa..fuck me….more…haaaa..plse..
I was screwing my wife openly in front of my friend's sister and my wife was moaning.. I looked towards Meena and she acted as though she was not seeing and was busy with sleep, She was definitely enjoying this and aftersome while I went under Meena’s skirt and her panties were completely wet and I started to play with it while I was fucking Roshini, atlast she was about to cum… She hugged me tightly moaning in pleasure…uuuummmm …fuck me harder…aaahhhhhh…aaahh…come’n vikram…ahhh and she rolled on me and she was top of me and started ride my dick faster and faster with huge moan…aaahhhhhh….uuuummmm…aaahhhh….uuuummmm and atlast we both cummed together and she fell me…

Aftersome time we came to our sense, and my wife said come’n Meena open your eyes we know you were watching us all this while…. Meena opened her eyes with shy and my wife asked do you want to enjoy with us…with shy she nodded yes,

We both smiled at her and we kissed her on her chicks, and we both quickly undressed her top and skirt Her 36C boobs sprang right in front of my face…her boobs were so beautiful…I couldn’t able to hold’n, I just grabbed with my both hands and started to suck it and massage it like a mad dog and I licked her sexy nipples after a while even my wife joined me and started sucking and licking her boobs… it was great sharing my cousin’s boobs with my wife, aftersome lovely sucking, I jumped up onto the bed between the two ladies. On my back I leaned over and began kissing meena, deeply. I was quickly pulled away, however, as my wife placed her mouth onto mine and began kissing me very aggressively, Now both started to kiss and play with my face, neck, chest and then they both slowly placed their hands on my dick started to play with it…Whaooo…. What a feeling it was.. I felt like am in heaven…

Now I was lying on my back and both the girls came in front of me and started sucking my cock together with their lips touching each other’s from both sides. At one time one was licking my balls and the other was sucking me, I was moaning like mad…aaahhhh…uuuhhh…aaahh..come’n you..bitches.. Suck me hard..aaahh. Finally when I was about to come both their lips were locked on the tip of my cock and I sprayed all my juiced partly in their mouths and partly on their faces they both wanted my cum so badly that they started licking my cum from each others face and they got into a French kiss, this was extremely horny as I like to see girls kiss each other

Now it was my turn to give them pleasure so I pulled both of them to the edge of the bed and parted their legs and started lick and suck it together I licked and sucked for some time and then I moved towards Meena and started to lick her cunt while I was sucking Meena’s cunt I inserted my both fingers in Roshini’s pussy and started to finger fuck her, offently I used changed my position to there cunts both this bitches were moaning like mad…aaahhhhhh….uuuummmm…ahhhhhh…plse… wife was real bitch she was screaming in pleasure… aaahhh….come’n…you fucker…faster… more faster…aaahhhhhh…uuhh and I was getting her hot and impatient. I stopped for some time she pushed my fingers down towards her wet juicy and neatly trimmed cunt and finger fucked her self.

And Meena was enjoying the pleasure… Ohhhhhhhh i am sucking her cunt lips and with my tongue i am licking her clitoris, she is shaking her ass and moaning vikram ohhhh eat hhhhh, yessssssssssss, i open her cunt lips and put my tongue and sucking her cunt, She pressed my head on her cunt and cummed i drink her cunt juice and her cunt is full wet and her cunt lips and clitoris is bright with her wet juice ohhhh what a beauty, my love look how much juice you spread in my mouth ohhh its lovely and tasty, and even in roshini’s cunt cum was flowing I moved towards her and I licked and drank all her cum juices, then we kissed and licked each others cum.

It was quite clear that roshini had no objection to my screwing meena as we planned earlier, Then I pulled Meena towards me and parted her both legs, she opened and i adjusted my cock on her cunt and rubbed for while and with my two finger i open her cunt lips and pushed my cock head slowly in her cunt, she vikrammmm, hoooo slow, it’s paining plse…. meanwhile Roshini come’n Meena feel the heat of my husband’s dick, you will enjoy it…it’s an king cobra…Yesssss… i slowly jerking my cock her pussy was too tight to insert my 7inc dick she was screaming in pain haaaa….Uhhhhhhh …slow its paining… aaahh…and with some hard pushes now my cock is fully entered in her cunt, i am started fucking her slowly and she is moaning ohhhhhhh vikram fuck mee, yesssssss hoooooooo fuck me hard i raised my speed of fucking her and I asked Roshini to suck her boobs and she started to suck the boobs like an bitch…

Meena turned her head and ohhh vikram plezzzzz fuck me hard like you fucked your wife I just loved it… ohhhhhhhh yesssssssssss thats it…yeaeeee…fuck meeeee i increased my speed and i hold her both legs with my two hand and fuck her hard she is moaning vikram ummmmmmmmm, yessssss ohhhhh, Nice fuck, yesssss kill me with yr cock, tear of my cunt ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss ..ohhhhhhhhhhhh vikram have a huge dick man..fuck me hard…roshini is so lucky get an husband like you….aaahhhhh..uuhh …she was moving her ass as per my rhythm…after some 20mts of hard fucking…I was about to cum…so I told Meena am gone cum so I will pull it out,..Meena no plse vikram..I want in my cunt…I wanna feel your cum inside me…plse push me hard …aaahhh..uuhh…aaahhhh…and couple of hard pushes with loud moan…aaaaaaahhhhhh…..and we both cummed together and she fell on bed And Roshini pulled my cock out and sucked and drank all my cum oozing from my dick without leaving a single drop and as wells she sucked Meena’s cunt as she started cleaning and licking Meena’s cunt was clean- and full of juice, which spread all over her face, she just loved licking it. Roshini and drank all the cum….we all fell on the bed and we took some rest, Then my wife brought us some milkshakes and we drank.

Within while they both Roshini and Meena started to play with eachothers boobs and started sucking their nipples like a pornstars, they were licking all over their bodies…then they both came to an 69 position and licking eachothers cunt and finger fucking in front of me, seeing this two sexy naked girls was making my cock grow hard again. Roshini’s cunt was below Meena’s face 69 position so I stood up and went near my wife’s pussy and Meena took my hole dick in her mouth and sucked for a while then she took out my dick from her mouth,

My dick was filled with her saliva and she took it in her hand and slowly jerked into my wife’s pussy and I started to bang her hard…come’n vikram fuck your bitch…tear her cunt….this is the real fuck…come’n you fucker..fuck her…Roshini was moaning loud aaaaahhh…aaahhhh… ammmmaa…yesssss….haaa after some hard fucking she came to an climax but still my dick was rock hard…Seeing this Roshini said now you have to fuck Meena’s ass hole and she made Meena in doggie position on bed and applied some oil on my dick and on her ass chicks and she then took hold of my cock with one hand and spread Meena’s ass chicks with the other and pushed my cock into her ass hole she was screaming in pain aaammmmma…..aaahhhh…uuuhhh…no stop….plezzz…its paining a lot…but I was not ready to give up I was slowly inserting inc by inc at last all my dick buried in her asshole and we took some breath, This was the ultimate, my own wife making me screw another girl. As I started fucking Meena’s ass hole, Roshini brought her cunt down on Meena’s face so while I was fucking her ass she was sucking Roshini’s cunt While I was fucking Meena was moaning ohhh vikram eat me, ohhhh u dirty vikram plezzzzzz fuck me with yr cock…it’s nice it is…aaahhhhhh…uuhhhh..ammmaa.. And my wife’s was saying some dirty words…come’n you dirty bitch…lick my pussy hard as my husband banging your shit hole…come’n lick idiot…lick…

After a while I was about to cum so I pulled my cock out and they both immediately knelt and took my cock in their mouths and started sucking and licking it, most of my balls and cock were in their mouths, I started to cum, they took some in her mouth and removed my cock and made me spray the rest on her face. We remained nude hugging each other…After while my wife asked are you happy dear how was my birthday gift, so I said this was my best gift I ever had in my life and Meena said…vikram your a great fucker…I just loved it… And am very thankfull to you both it was so awesome… There after we had lot of fucking session.
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